A Review Of Evolv Is It A Scam

By: Layla Staats

Evolv is the newest brand of water in a bottle launched by experienced business minds and leading science. The difference between their water and everyone else’s is the elevated amounts of oxygen in the specialty water.. This MLM company is putting heavy focus on the Internet and online strategies like PPL and SEO. The Evolv management team is made up of Brent Hicks, Trey White and Anne Bodak Smith. Advertising that they have 75 years of collective experience in the MLM industry.

Since all things alive require H20 to live, the bottled water industry is currently an $8 billion a year industry, and that is just in the United States. It is clear why Evolv and the Founders want to tap into this huge industry especially in the MLM field.

Did you know that 24% of bottled water is really just tap water? The testing is more thorough on tap water compared to bottled water. Does that not look a bit off to you?

In researching all the Evolv documentation, and we do praise Evolv for their steps forward into online marketing strategies. Their concepts on utlizing sites like Facebook and Twitter highlights Evolv’s forward thinking when it comes to Web 2.0. Evolv is attacking the Search Engine Optimization and Google advertising with training for distributors. How refreshing for a new MLM organization to be promoting up to date online marketing strategies right from the get go. Although there are not many details about the specifics of the online marketing strategies that will be offered, at least the concepts have been stressed in the opening prelaunch days.

It’s great to see new companies offering eduction on internet marketing strategies., yet they promote sending traffic to a generic Evolv order site. This might be the best tactic for Evolv but not for the Independent MLM business owner.

Evolv’s comp plan is set up like a traditional Binary structure with added bonuses that add new dimensions to the old school Binary plan. Evolv uses your traditonal Builder Bonuses, First time order, also Higher Level bonuses. There is also, what they call a “DNA Coded Bonus” at first glance could be quite intimidating. It seems intentionally complex as to confuse new distributors so they can’t accurately estimate their pay cheques.

The Evolv sales page markets the compensation plan as an infinity paying pay . Upon an in depth review of the comp plan, there are several bonuses which have income earning restrictions.

Price – Fifty Five Dollars plus T+S (Twenty Four Bottles).

With the average case of bottled water ranging from $3.00 to $6.00 so that could prove to be a difficult selling price. Ofcourse the oxygen would increase the price, but doesn’t $55.00 for a case of water seem a bit unreasonable? Our views are objective since we have not personally tried the product or seen anyone that has. So maybe it is worth the high price, but we’ll let you make that decision.

If you are considering joining Evolv, how are you going to distinguish yourself from all the other new Distributors? Sending your prospects to a product promoting webpage isn’t the solution. How are you going to avoid looking like just another Prelaunch Start-up MLM that everyone gets messages about every day? What’s going to make people see you as a leader that people will trust and follow into such a risky endeavour? 9 out of 10 MLM Start Ups do not make it through their initial year..

What’s going to take your MLM business where you want it?

Your comp plan, your product, and your service shouldn’t be your focus, rather make YOU the central theme. All you have to do is share valuable marketing strategies that people need.
Irregardless of your company or your compensation plan, we couldn’t care less about those things. You’ll see your enrollment numbers grow when you demonstrate how much they’ll gain by joining YOU.. And that is all there is to it.

Simple concept that so many people just don’t get.

Source: Articledashboard.com

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