ARAI Helmets And Why They Are The Best

By: jeremiahcork

All helmets are made at the ARAI factory in Japan. Alot of the work is done by hand. Each helmet is checked 7 times before leaving the factory. There reputation of high quality craftsmanship is second to none.

ARAI make fullface,openface and offroad helmets. Personally i like the open face models. The SZ-F and SZ-RAM3. Both of these models have sold cLc construction and lots of innovative features. You can remove the inner pad and cheek pads which are washable. There are air ducts on top. You can also buy light smoke and dark smoke visors.

ARAI helmets may be more expensive then other brands, but your paying for quality and you can be assured that your head will be alot safer in an ARAI helmet then in sme other helmet brand.

Please visit my store to see the ARAI sz-F and sz-ram3 They come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Sizes are S,M,L,XL the sz-rams3 is also availeable in XXL 62-63cm
There is also and SZ-RAM3 stella graphic model, and an SZ-F retro graphic model. If you have any questions about ARAI helmets or would like to buy a new ARAI helmet at below retail price, than why visit my online store?
All szies, big range of ARAI/SHOEI helmets. Shipped directly from japan by airmail in 10-12 days.

thank you


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