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No other 1911 manufacturer can beat the Colt 1911 for its history and reputation. The Colt M1911 was formally chosen by the United States Army to be the official side arm back in 1911 (which is where it gets its name). It was replaced by the Beretta 92F in 1985, giving it over 70 years of combat experience in every American military conflict. All through those years it has been one of Americas favorite guns available. Its still used today by some U.S. military personnel.

The Colt M1911 is a very popular handgun throughout the world today. As a prized collectors gun, it today is usually more expensive than some of the other brands, because it is less common. If you ask any handgun fanatic about the 1911, they will undoubtedly admit that they are one of the most popular handguns available. If you can get your hands on one, definitely do so. Because it uses a single stacked magazine, which makes the handle fairly narrow, it has become one of the preferred standard size concealed carry guns.

One of the few issues with the Colt 1911 is the higher price tag. Due to its name and current production levels, Colts are usually a few hundred dollars more expensive than some of the other similar 1911 pistols. But many think that if you are paying that much for a handgun anyway; you should just shell out the extra money and get a Colt.

Bottom Line
The bottom line is that you will more than likely be happy with a Colt 1911. The design it self is one of the most popular handgun designs in the world, and the Colt 1911s are the cause for much of that popularity. It has had over 70 years of military and combat experience in the United States military, and continues to this day to be carried and shot by many delighted owners. Just go on some of the 1911 forums and you can see how well liked these guns really are. If you are making a purely economical decision, one of the other brands may be a cheaper way to go, but for the name, reputation, and overall cool factor, the Colt M1911 is the gun for you.

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