Cook County Hospital And Their Reputation For Excellent Patient Care

By: Muna wa Wanjiru

As the entire hospital has been revamped you can expect to see high patient care for trauma victims. Cook County Hospital has placed itself in the forefront to stop violent crimes from occurring as they account for a large number of trauma admission victims. To make sure that these trauma based admissions will stop, the Cook County Hospital works with other organizations to educate the people in the various neighborhoods about the problems that trauma victims face.

Beyond helping trauma victims Cook County Hospital is also finding a way to deal with the various patients who enter Cook County Hospital as a result of domestic violence. The hospital works closely with the Cook County Hospital Crisis Intervention Project. With the help of these two facilities domestic violence victims will find the help that they need to cope with this unhappy state they are in. As a result of Cook County Hospitals community service there is a level of service that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

These commitments to patient service have given Cook County Hospital an edge when it comes to dealing with all types of problems and diseases that have gripped the world. To that end you will find that Cook County Hospital opened the worlds first blood bank in 1937; the first AIDS/HIV clinic was opened by the Chicago branch of Cook County Hospital in 1983; the first Cobalt-beam Therapy Unit was opened in 1953; and the first Trauma Unit in America was opened in 1966.

All of these services that Cook County Hospital provides to the community helps the hospital and the people who enter the hospital to gain the highest level of care that is possible. To this end you will find that Cook County Hospital stands at the forefront of patient care and satisfaction.


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