Custom Leather Pool Cue Cases

By: Tony C. Jones Snr

The American market is currently flooded with poor quality cue cases, manufactured by the thousands in the sweat shops of across Chine, before being shipped to the US. As a result, these cheap, low grade leather or PVC cases have made it increasingly difficult to find a good quality cue case, a custom made case which is made to the highest of standards.
There is very little craftsmanship involved and as much as possible of the production process is automated. Very little attention is paid to quality control procedures and so many defected products get through and are shipped to customers.
However, in a tiny factory located on the green hills of Northern Thailand, there is a team of hand picked craftsmen, a team with more than one hundred years of collective experience in the leather trade. Together, this highly skilled team are producing custom made cue cases of unrivaled quality.
Having become remarkably adept at enforcing strict quality control and having refused acceptance of numerous consignments, I have secured a well earned reputation between local suppliers; a reputation which now ensures, the leather being delivered to me is of the very highest quality. While there are admittedly many grades of leather suitable for making cue cases, Talisman Billiards Accessories uses only premium grade, chrome tanned leather.
Even though one may come across a number of variations, there are only three basic styles of cue case on the market. Two of these three styles consist primarily of a rigid PVC pipe or molded plastic equivalent, surrounded by a suitable covering such as leather or PVC. The third style, known as a soft case, has no rigid interior construction.
Talisman cue cases are available in many different custom configurations. We provide 2×4, 3×5, 3×6, 4×8 butt / shaft configurations and the cases are available at a standard length to fit 32″ cues. We can though produce custom length cases to meet customer requirements.
Customers wishing to further customize their case, in addition to sizes and length, may choose to have the case embossed with their name, a company name, a logo or in fact, any design of their choice.
Usually I will agree on the design of the artwork for the embossing with the customer. Once in agreement I then have an embossing plate made by an outside vendor. We then use this embossing plate to emboss the design in to the cue case.
An additional embossing feature available to customers is the option of a silver or gold finish. This is achieved by applying a specifically made foil, either silver or gold, during the embossing process. Not only does this feature compliment any other case accessories, but it also tends to add depth and class to the any embossed design.
Currently, Talisman Billiards Accessories has two cue case designs available to buyers. Our first, Talisman Original, complete with double back straps for easy carrying, is designed in the classic cue case style. Hard wearing and extremely durable, this case offers total protection for your pool cues.
Our second design available to order is the Talisman Tribal. Featuring a side handle, a top handle and a single shoulder strap, this cue case has been ornately decorated with splendid original Maori art.
If you are looking for something a little more classy to carry your beloved cues around in and will not settle for second class. Then you deserve a Talisman custom leather cue case.


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