How To Make Substantial Sustainable Money With Google AdSense

By: Charles Manheim

5-figures-per-month income is a very tangible goal with this marketing model, if you can follow instruction.

This model can assure your online business is a stable and sustainable cash generator for many years to come, not only for the experienced Internet Marketer, but for the beginner (like me!) as well!

The developer of ‘AdSense Decoded’ is Dr. Patrick Hillenbrand, a successful Internet Marketer and seasoned ‘Qualified Google Advertising Professional’.

Dr. Hillenbrand seems a logical, shoot-from-the-hip, no BS sort of guy. I researched him, and his credentials, and found him to be on the up-and-up.

Dr. Hillenbrand is who he says he is. He is as educated and experienced as he claims.

I visited his site, and was very pleased to see that it lacked the repeated, intelligence-insulting hype-phrases and boldend, colored buzz words that make for hard reading.

I read thoroughly of what Dr. Hillenbrand has to say, and was again pleased to find that there is none of the buffoonery that one is invariably assaulted with on the typical, rehashed-eBook sites, run by the get-rich-quick schisters and gurus looking to steal your money.

During his career as an Internet Marketer, Dr. Hillenbrand has built and tested over 10,000 manually-built web pages for search engine ranking, with 4 full-time members working on various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) related matters.

Compared to the time invested and resources spent, Dr. Hillenbrand and his team realized only moderate results.

It was 2004, after realizing the mediocrity of the fruits of his labor, Dr. Hillenbrand came to the realization that one could not solely rely on the Search Engine Ranking Position algorithms (SERPs) for a sustainable business/revenue model.

In 2004, Dr. Hillenbrand began focusing on AdSense.

In 2007, after 3 years of research, development and in-field testing, Dr. Hillenbrand released ‘AdSense Decoded’.

‘AdSense Decoded’ is for anyone serious about starting their own online business making money with Google AdSense, or taking the profit earning capacity from an existing online business to the next level.

‘AdSense Decoded’ is a series of concise, action-oriented videos in which Dr. Hillenbrand invites you to “look over his shoulder”, learning from and copying him, as he shows and explains how he generates 5-figures per month income online without relying on the ever-changing Search Engine Ranking Position algorithms, and without breaking any AdSense program policies.

This compact collection of well-produced, highly informative and well laid out videos is what Dr. Hillenbrand calls his blue print, his “GPS Roadmap”, to making substantial and sustainable profits online without the need for your own organic traffic or a search engine presence!

Dr. Hillenbrand fully discloses the effective application of his brilliant techniques; he assures your full and complete understanding of them, as he assumes no familiarity with Google AdSense. Dr. Hillenbrand speaks slowly and clearly, as he leaves no detail unexposed to concise explanation.

In summation, Dr. Hillenbrand’s course, ‘AdSense Decoded’ will teach you how to apply his proven techniques in a simple, straight-forward and easy to follow ‘road map’ to building a sustainable and highly profitable online AdSense-based business.

I cannot stress enough the importance of visiting Dr. Hillenbrand’s site today and informing yourself about this new and exciting approach to online marketing! I am so excited about this, I can hardly contain myself, I had to haul off and write an article about it online!

Do I give Dr. Hillenbrand my 5-star rating??

You bet I do!!

Take my recommendation:

Have a look at ‘AdSense Decoded’ today!

Latch on to these proven concepts! Give yourself the greatest opportunity for success and growth available for your online business; for today, for the future, for your Family!


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