How You Can Increase Sales On Your Ecommerce Site With A SSL Certificate

By: Jamie Whittleton

The first option for a SSL certificate is Go-Daddy. They offer the least expensive choice for a valid and reliable SSL certificate. When you offer SSL certificates from Go-Daddy you allow your customer to know that you value their privacy. You can safely sell whatever you offer to your customer in a manner that protects both interests. Any customer knows to look for the SSL certificate when they shop your site. If you fail to provide that then you run the risk of loosing their business. If you offer this protection of a SSL certificate then you are conveying your site as “reliable and considerate”. That goes a long way in your site’s reputation. You can increase sales on your e-commerce site with a SSL certificate SSL.

The second option in SSL certificates is GeoTrust and VeriSign SSL. Both are more expensive and can be found at Bluehost. They also both convey that you are a site that will protect the privacy of your guests and be around for years to come. The return on the investment with theses SSL certificates are huge. You can establish your site as one that will be here for good. Like larger companies online today, you will be headed toward a brand name recognition if you invest in this level of SSL certificate.


Any hosting company that offers the SSL certificates also offer a warranty of protection. Currently Go-Daddy offers a $2,000. warranty for their SSL certificates. GeoTrust offers a range of warranties starting at $10,000. and ending at $250,000. for losses in the event of an attack. That is peace of mind that the customer values. It also shows how you can increase sales on your e-commerce site with a SSL certificate SSL.

Ultimately the choice is up to you. Your site and the credibility of your site are important to the success of your business. If you have one of the SSL certificates on your store site then you can clearly see how you can increase sales on your e-commerce site with a SSL certificate. Everything else is up to you. Start with a good reputation and you can begin to establish yourself as a store that offers your customer exactly what they are looking for. SSL certificate choices are available to help you when you are ready. Choose a good SSL certificate and watch your sales increase.


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