Importance Of Feedback In Reputation Management

By: Jhon More

Online reputation management services make use of the constructive criticism. The opinion of the users can be used to enrich the customer service department. For example, the users may not like the interactive voice response system (IVRS) that a brand uses. When reputation management exercises throw up results that pan the IVRS system, the brand owners can change it. They can install some other system in place or do away with it totally. The feedback, therefore, propels a change that would not be possible to find out if not for listening to what the users have to say. Feedback can be instrumental in knowing if the prices and offers are working in the market. Online reputation management can help the brand positioning team to better place their products/services in the market.

The practice of paying heed to what the customers have to say is a very modern trend in business. Online reputation management experts can respond to the feedback instantly with solutions. Reputation management services can coordinate with the customer service team and solve the issues posted by the users. When you solve the problem, you can post a rebuttal to the post written by the user. Doing that publicly will inform others in the network that you have a back-up system in place that takes issues into account and solves them. It builds up a favorable impression about your brand and you get a steady base of loyal, active, dedicated customers.


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