Laser Eye Surgery Cost A Complete Consumer Guide

By: Zul Rahman

Your cost is also going to vary depending on your treatment facility. Small private clinic is going to charge you differently from specialized eye treatment center and hospital.

A treatment center with good reputation and famous eye doctors with cost you more than the regular hospital. Of course the treatment facility and the doctors credential will determine the price too.

You might be wondering, is there a typical price?

There is an average price above all the other factors. Normally for the laser procedure each eye would cost around $2000 dollars. This is the base price and you will not find much variation across the board.

Factors that are mentioned above would skewed the price one way or another. For instance local taxes, geographical locations, eye surgeons reputation and the royalty fees for the surgeons. Anyway for the most part the price normally stay within a given range.

Would there be an extra cost?

Normally the figures that the eye doctors told you during consultation is the final figures that you have to pay. If there are going to be additional cost this could be due to follow up treatment, post surgery medications in case there is any complication.

Is the price negotiable?

Lasik eye surgeon are facing a lot of competition these days. In order to stay in business they have to be very competitive, therefore they do offer some forms of discounts to patients.

Discounts and coupons offers are normally found in your local newspapers, mail in coupons or yellow pages and the internet. If you find the one that suit your budget then you want to make an appointment for consultation.

Some lasik surgery doctors may give discounts to patients who pay cash instead of arranging for financing.

Some eye treatment centers might have a discount for senior citizens. If you are above 65 years of age don’t forget to inquire if they have any senior citizen discounts.

Can You Find a Bargain?

Internet is the best place for you to do research for the information on the lasik surgery places that you have in mind. If you could find a bargain, you could even travel to other cities for the procedures. There is a price difference between cities.

It sounds like a good idea to find an eye treatment facility in other cities that fit your budget. Go for a treatment vacation and come back with a new vision.


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