Multiple Niche Websites Or One Big Authority Site Advantages And Disadvantages

By: nathfiset

A multiple niche website offers you an opportunity to reach several different segments of the market all at once, allowing you to cover as much ground as you can using just one or a few sites.


A multiple niche website lets you communicate to multiple groups of potential customers and possibly close a business transaction from there. It also helps maximize your initial website building efforts, particularly because you only need to build each site around a single design concept.

Multiple niche websites can also showcase your flexibility and comprehensiveness of services that you offer. It’s like having a multi-specialty site that attracts clients and customers from several different market segments and then doing business with them. Once your site has been around for sometime, it could easily pick up a minimum of 1,000 to 3,000 hits per day even more when you’ve gained enough reputation and recognizability in the business.


The disadvantage of a multiple niche website rests mainly on its design. Since you will be promoting different products and/or services from a single site, imagine how it would look like to a visitor. One site = hundreds of related links. And we’re not just talking about internal links either.

A multiple niche website is essentially your store from which you’ll be running your business. Once you’re actively participating in the industry, it shouldnt be long until you find external links that you might want to refer to your visitors. Now imagine the chaos dozens of links, banners, buttons, ads, graphics, pages upon pages, all coming from just one direction, each one crying out for attention.

If you can’t manage it well, a multiple niche website can grow to be a multi-headed monster, each one heading for a different direction and demanding a different type of approach. In the end, there is a danger that you could be competing with no one else but yourself.

Build multiple niche websites if

– You have the expertise and the experience in the specific niches you want to focus on.

– You have the skills, time or manpower to devote for the development of each niche.

– You have the resources to spend for the demands that a multiple niche site will require.

– You have established an organized and well-designed business processing system to handle transactions such as sales, discounting, customer service, subscription, etc.

– You have the patience of a saint and the eye for detail of an IRS auditor.

Single Authority Site

The single authority site is just that one site offering excellent products or services pertaining to a single niche or industry.


One big authority site is perfect for people who want to build their expertise in only one field or niche. If there’s one thing you can do well and you want to make it your business, take this route. It’s easy to set up, doesnt require a lot of resources and is relatively cheaper to run. You could also concentrate all your efforts here and become a respected guru in a specific field instead of being the internet marketer who juggles with multiple industries and never quite achieving expert status.


If you made a mistake in your choice of niche, a single authority site can fizzle out like a short matchstick. When it goes, it goes and there’s nowhere else you can turn to or fall back on, unlike a multiple niche website where there are other things going on for you.

You could also miss the opportunity of providing products and services for a wider market segment, thus limiting your income potential. If the niche you chose has a limited market, your site’s traffic counter will reflect that in the number of hits it receives.

Build one big authority site if

– Your expertise is limited to only one area and you are confident you can comfortably grow in it.

– You want to become a known authority in that niche.

– You have limited knowledge or training.

– You want to focus all your time, effort and money developing one big authority site versus a multiple niche website.


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