Physician Recruitment Delays Can Be Disastrous For Your Reputation

By: Abhishek Kumar Khandelwal

Physician recruitment is not the same as recruitment of any other professional. Medical practice is not just a business. Rather, it is a service as well. Demand for medical services will never come to an end. In such a scenario, newer, better and cheaper hospitals will always be in demand. The public may view the hospital for medical institution as a single unit. However, anybody who has worked in such an establishment will admit that running a hospital involves the ability to manage multiple businesses at once. The administrative aspect covers essential supplies like medicine and medical supplies. The medical aspect covers the actual treatment of the patient. The strategic management aspect covers the long term financial viability of the institution. In such a scenario, handing over the task of physician recruitment to a reputed and qualified third party can make a huge difference. You cannot appoint just any individual or firm for physician recruitment. The firm should have proper understanding of the requirements of medical institutions.

Too Many or Too Few Physician Recruitment Responses How to Handle?

Most hospitals face the problem of either too many applications or too few applications when conducting the physician recruitment process. The funny thing is that the quality of recruitment is hit every time this happens. Too many applications and the individuals in charge of physician recruitment end up sending time reading the CVs without doing anything else. The end result is that the choice is based on a very small sample of the total number of CVs received. There is always a nagging fear that the real candidate had been ignored simply because one received too many candidates during the process. On the other hand, a physician recruitment process that receives very little response will suffer from the same problem. The possibility of finding the right candidate from amongst the small pool is very difficult. The ideal option is to hand over the task to a professional who shall access the right talent pool to find the right candidate.


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