Professional Reputation

By: Forester

Network. Who do you know and how can they help you? Establish contacts and build friendships. And be sure to utilise online tools to help you out: LinkedIn, for example, could save you days of ‘asking around’.

Demonstrate your knowledge. Let people see that you’re experienced on a topic and that your peers respect your opinion. Platforms such as Deskarma enable you to show your knowledge and to establish a peer rating that demonstrates other peers respect you. Nothing reflects better on your professional reputation than peers’ appreciation of your value-add.

Commitment. If you want to genuinely succeed then you need to be constantly devoted to your cause. You need to be at all meetings (and contributing), putting in those few extra calls to squeeze all you possibly can from a campaign, and staying in the office until the job’s done. There are no short cuts to commitment – the 3 day weeks and golf course conferences come after you’ve put in the legwork!
There aren’t many aspects of business where you actually can compete, but professional reputation is one. Establish your professional reputation (and then maintain it like the ‘brand’ that it is), is an essential aspect of securing a career.


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