Public Relations For Political Campaigns

By: Hctor Nicols Suero

-The application of public opinion researches and polls: Polls are often used to promote the positive aspects of a candidate. No matter if the results are not in favor of the candidate or party you are representing. The role of a public relations specialist is publishing the positive aspects of the results in a poll. Poll is highly important because even though results are the same for everybody but the way you interpret them can produce a better or worst perception in people and generate a good or bad reputation.

-Media: The use of broadcasting media is highly important because these are the tools to promote massively the good aspects of a candidate or party during the public relations campaign.

-Email (not spam): Sending emails to people who have been subscribed to official websites is another good ways to make an effective public relations for political campaigns. Spam is not a good practice and it could generate a bad reputation about your party and the candidate who use this practice.

-Internet: Internet in general, is one of the best way to make an effective public relations campaign. There are several ways to do it and Internet is very popular for this. The latest electoral process is the best example of this media. Barack Obama was the first president in the history of United States that made the best of the Internet to win the presidential elections in 2008.


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