SEW Eurodrive Parts

By: Neil Gillespie

When one talks of drive technology, they are usually referring to an array of parts that are used to make up what some call the drive train. These parts usually consist of gear motors, gears- usually heavy duty gears for industrial uses, electronics, and software and automation systems. A gear motor is the electric engine that is used to generate energy. A gear is a wheel that utilizes outer teeth used to generate speed or change direction. Other parts that are utilized in power transmissions might be right angle worm speed reducers which usually come in sizes of 213 to 232 or ratios up to 100:1, servo planetary gear reducers which are available in an IP65 rating and cycloidal speed reducers that offer high shock load capacity and are available in 2 backlash ratings. At times there might be a need for concentric helical speed reducers, these come with a 3 year warranty and any backlash is less than 20 arc minutes.


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