The Impact Of Disclosing Online Identity In Reputation Management

By: Camille Summers

Perhaps, Google just demands their roster clear of fictitious characters, possibly because their platform remains on a test-run phase and they only desire to keep the numbers real for a better analysis.

This idea, however, still doesn’t sit well with a lot of people as it hits on the main topic of online anonymity – an option lots of people find needed so that they can look after their own interests. Actually, CEO of Reputation Management Authority (RMA) James Schramko sees this as a thing that could become challenging.

Being the CEO of a public relations company centered on reputation management services and public relations /online PR, Schramko has worked with a lot of people and businesses whose online identity have been grossly distorted and maligned that he understands why many individuals decide to be anonymous on almost all their online transactions.

Schramko believes that a topic as controversial as online identity deserves more attention, and also that it’s not necessarily something that needs to be pressed on anyone – very much like we simply cannot force people to come out or show their faces to the public if they do not want to.

There were a lot of benefits of imposing genuine information online like criminals are actually caught, folks and families who have not seen each other for decades made it possible to converse and certainly its a wonderful way for information dissemination.

On the other hand, it also has security risks especially for business owners. Each person has the freedom to express ones self but quite a few corporations have been completely misrepresented and have lost many clients. As Mr. Schramko said the choice to reveal one’s identity should be a personal one and not a decision forced upon us For the time being, if your industry is struggling in the midst of bad reputation, you may have to seek reputation management service to assist you in cleaning the mess.


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