The Top Mistakes Made When Writing Blue Nile Reviews

By: Steve Marden

2) Insulting customer service agents and naming them to the public. While there are always differences between customer service agents and how they deal with customers, the Blue Nile reviews that focus on returning diamonds often insult customer service agents and detail every mishap, even if it is not the agents fault. Readers should keep in mind that many of these reviews are written by hot-under-the-collar customers who are reacting emotionally and therefore taking their reviews seriously is a mistake.

3) Assuming that your experience will be just like every one elses when ordering a diamond or jewelry. Just because there are more negative Blue Nile reviews than positive ones does not mean there will be a negative experience. Blue Nile has a good reputation and therefore it should be assumed that your experience will be decent, if not enjoyable when looking for your diamond of choice.

4) Reading other reviews before buying from Blue Nile. Because there are so many negative Blue Nile reviews, it is more likely that customers will read a negative review as opposed to a positive review. Obviously this will affect customers perceptions of Blue Niles diamond jewelry and will cause them to have a bad attitude going to their shopping experience which will invariably lead to negative Blue Nile reviews.


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