Tongkat Ali Experts Meet Kilham

By: Sam Lee Harrison

Once excavated, the roots were delivered to a manufacturing facility in Kuala Lampur. Kilham was impressed with the efficiency and equipment used to develop the finished product. The process is similar to the process used by natives of the region for centuries. Today, the cleansing, heating and drying stages are all performed in large stainless bins.

Dr. Johari Saad

Kilham was fortunate to arrange a meeting with Dr. Johari Saad, aka The King of Tongkat Ali. Johari has made a career of working with the testosterone booster. Dr. Johari has tested the extract on more animals than anyone.

After reading so much misinformation about Tongkat Ali Extract, Kilham was refreshed to meet a scientist, who knew the extract inside and out and who could substantiate the attributes of Tongkat Ali. Kilham had his own impressions of the extract but was pleased to affirm his success with Joharis information.

Dr. Johari assured Kilham that Tongkat Ali is a “scientifically studied plant.” Johari has used his own water soluble solution to perform his tests. Over years of meticulous testing, Johari can substantiate the following health benefits linked to Tongkat Ali Extract:

* More free testosterone * More bound testosterone * Increased energy * Increased muscle mass * High blood pressure deterrent * Relief from dysentery * Protection against fever * Anti-cancer and anti-viral phytochemicals * Anti-oxidants slow aging process

The Sex Doctor Talks With Kilham

Dr. Ismail Tamby heads the Human Reproduction Specialist Center in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lampur. As the leading authority on Tongkat Ali Extract, Kilham was interested in the doctor’s assessment. In our studies, we found that Tongkat Ali Extract increased the serum level of testosterone considerably.

The doctor has also noticed other common effects. Tamby was firm that his testing indicated men and women experience more libido than before using the herb.

Women use significantly less testosterone than males. However, testosterone in an important art of the sexual experience. Tamby confirmed that women have been using Tongkat Ali Extract for centuries. The results are known.

Tamby recently enrolled 30 men in a Tongkat Ali test. Each participant agreed to participate in a coinciding fitness program. Tamby only used 1:100 composition. The group achieved the following results:

* 91 percent showed improved libido * 73 percent enjoyed improved sexual function * 82 percent benefited from an improved psychological approach to sex

Dr. Tomby told Kilham that “Tongkat Ali Extract really works.” Tomby is one person that should know. And, Kilham agrees. On March 2th, he presented Tongkat Ali to the public on the Dr. Oz television show. Try Tongkat Ali Extract for yourself and trade anxiety for confidence.


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