What Is AdWords CTR And 5 Ways To Increase It

By: Adrian Key

Let us first take a look at what AdWords CTR actually is.

In actual fact, there is no big secret about CTR. It’s calculated by a simple formula:

CTR = clicks / impressions

For example, imagine your ad has shown 100 times (impressions) and was clicked on 4 times. Your click through rate for that ad would be 4/100 or 4%.

Most don’t realise it, but AdWords measures CTR in five different ways and each can impact your Quality Score.

Here are our 5 ways to increase your AdWords CTR.

1) Keywords

You probably already know that all your AdWords keywords have their own CTR. The only way to improve a keywords CTR is to encourage people to click on the ad your keyword triggers more often.

You can achieve higher keyword ctr by:

Increasing your keyword bid so your ad appears higher on the results page.
Writing ads that better attract your audiences attention.

2) Ads

You will also probably know that each of your ads has its own CTR value.

In order to improve the CTR of your ads:

Add more relevant keywords to the ad group so your ad gets seen more often.
Write an ad that is more appealing to your audience.

3) The CTR of all your Campaigns and whole Account

Believe it or not, Google also measures the collective CTR of all the campaigns in your account.

You can improve the CTR for your individual campaigns and entire account by removing keywords that are under performing.

For example:

Picture a campaign that regularly gets 10000 impressions a week and 500 click through’s. This campaign therefore has a click-through-rate of 500/10000 or 5%.

Now, suppose 3,500 of those impressions each week get clicked on 100 times and never convert into a sale. By deleting those keywords the CTR for your campaign would change to 400/6500 or 6.2%.

This represents a huge increase in your account CTR of about 1.2% and you are not loosing a single sale.

4) Domain Name

A lot of advertisers try and fix poor Quality Score by closing their account and opening a new one. Unfortunately, most are shocked when their dramatic action makes absolutely no difference.

The harsh reality is that AdWords also tracks a CTR for your domain. You therefore must have landing pages and a web site that is relevant and fits in with Google’s advertising guidelines. Small changes to your landing pages can have a dramatic affect on CTR.

5) The Historical Performance of Keywords

The last characteristic for which Google record CTR is the historical performance of your keywords. Millions of people are advertising using AdWords every day and they collectively bid on trillions of different keywords.

The CTR that others have achieved with the keywords you select will have a big influence on your own CTR for that keyword.

If a keywords CTR is low then beware. Google is informing you that your chances of succeeding with this particular keyword are limited.

Final Thoughts

Increasing your AdWords CTR does not have to be difficult, but to have the maximum impact on your Quality Score, you need to increase it in all of the five areas that Google measure.

Source: Articledashboard.com

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