What Is The Difference Between A Wave Board And A Ripstick

By: Josh Brennon

The Wave Board has 77mm wheels, while the ripstik was 76mm wheels. The ripstik has a longer torsion bar, which is the middle bar that both the boards use to get the twisting motion need to ride. The Wave Board was started in 2004, while the Ripstik came out a few years later. The ripstik is manufactured by the Razor Company, which also is one of the worlds largest manufactures of kick scooters. With the backing of Razor, and because Razor is very popular, the ripstik tends to be the more well known board. The wave board however is gaining great popularity and a good reputation.

Whatever the differences or similarities are it is going to come down to which board you like should be what board you ride. They both ride and feel very similar, but there are a lot of great differences that are going to help you decide which the best is for you. Is it going to be the name that you like, the designs that you like, the colors, or something different. Although each board is different in ways and the same in ways they are both awesome and fun boards to ride. You get the thrill of carving like you are on a snowboard or surf board, you can do some awesome tricks, as well as just cruise around.

Source: Articledashboard.com

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