Why Being Late For Work Sends The Wrong Message

By: Chong Chavez

Always arrive a few minutes early for meetings. If you know there will be traffic, then you will need to allow for it. Those who live in urban areas usually have an idea of where congested areas will be. Make time for sitting in traffic and finding a parking space. This will help you avoid being late when meeting clients or when you need to be in an important company meeting. Once you adjust your schedule and leave extra time to arrive at your destination, you should never miss another meeting.

Being late can affect the way you perceive yourself as well. After being late a few times, you may experience added stress, self-doubt, and become anxious that you could lost a valuable client or your job. This could also affect your work performance. Compensating for tardiness by trying to do the best job possible may not always make up for the fact that you are late to meetings or have difficulties adhering to project timelines. Project managers may reassign you to other tasks, or your services may not be used in the future if you can provide clients with what they need within a certain time table.

Using the tips mentioned above and taking the time to learn time management skills, you will be able to stop being late for meetings and other events. This will lower your stress level and allow you to enjoy what you do. Being late once in a while is fine, but making a habit of it is not.

Source: Articledashboard.com

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