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By: Robert Corin

Basically, a web directory helps internet users to find the sites they are looking for. It does this by listing high quality websites in various categories. The key here is quality. Use a reputable web directory and youre guaranteed that you are browsing through a handpicked selection of websites for your chosen category. These are not compiled based on an algorithm, but selected by real editors who monitor the quality of the sites in the directorys index. A well-maintained web directory wont send you to some spam-filled or defunct site; itll ensure that everything in its directory is useful to its users. It will also ensure that sites are categorised in a way that makes them easy to find.

The qualities of a good directory

But what differentiates a quality web directory from a poor one? The answer is editing. If a directory lets bad content into its directory or does not properly monitor its index, then it quickly loses reputation and simply wont be used. Jeff Behrendt set up the Aviva directory in 2005 because he felt that the quality of some of the existing directories was below par. Aviva set out to establish a directory that users could rely on. Theyve achieved this goal, and have earned a reputation for meticulously maintaining a high quality index. This reputation has translated into the trust of internet users and webmasters alike.

What Aviva provides

Aviva offers two kinds of services to webmasters. The first is listings. Webmasters submit their site to Aviva. Submissions are either regular or featured. Webmasters can pay a one-time fee that ensures their website remains in the Aviva directory indefinitely, as long as it maintains substantial original content. Alternatively, they can pay an annual subscription. A featured website appears above the regular websites in the listings for its category.

Aviva is an indispensible tool for webmasters. If youve got good content and you want to give your site the best chance at attracting visitors, then Aviva is a great way to go about it. Primarily, Aviva itself act as a means by which users can find your site. Getting on Aviva not only advertises your site somewhere it will be seen, but its also a signal that you offer quality content. But also, simply by virtue of appearing in a reputable web directory, search engines will rank your site higher. This means that appearing in Aviva gives your site the edge even amongst users who dont visit Aviva.

As well as listing websites, the second service Aviva offers to webmasters is advice. The Aviva site has numerous articles on everything from launching a successful blog to legal issues in managing a website to tutorials on web design. It really is a one-stop-shop for webmasters keen to get their site off the ground and noticed.

Aviva has over 9,000 listings in 1,100 categories, ensuring that users can find what theyre looking for, and the rigorous editorial standards of the directory lend these listings an authority not found on many web directories. The site itself is easy to navigate. Its uncluttered, well-designed, and its categories are intuitive. Finding what youre looking for is a breeze.

Source: Articledashboard.com

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